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Dave Ramsay has been to Uganda on a project visit with World Vision and here he is in Tanzania. Hopefully you can get a sense of scale of the size of the school from the poct


Uhuru School also caters for teaching children with special needs. We met three of the classes and discussed with their teachers what the future holds for children with learning difficulties. The Assistant Headmistress explained that one of the things they do is teach the children how to use a sewing machine so they have a useful skill for the future.


Some of the school children are pleased to see Joh




After a long week on the mountain it was finally time to see some of the great work that VSO do right here in Tanzania.

We were met this morning at our hotel by John Egan and his wide Suzanne who are repeat volunteers for VSO and have been here on a volunteer basis for three and a half years.

They travelled over four hours to come and meet us and take us on a tour of a local primary school.

Here John is giving us an update on what is happening with VSO and discussing the challenges they face.

He was telling us that in some places there are pupil teacher ratios in classrooms of 100:1. In the school we visited we saw classrooms of 70 children and there were in total 1600 students in the school. One of the biggest problems is a lack of basic supplies, pencils, books, chalks etc.

The good news is that there will be 980 teachers qualifying in May 2013 and every single one of them is guaranteed a job in September.

This is the type of critical work that VSO is doing and if you have donated then you have helped make a difference.


I just watched this again with Dan and he doesn’t remember much of it being filmed – not surprising if you look at his face in the video.

Here are all the Appco team celebrating as we arrive back in Arusha. We have summit photos with the banner but not with everyone as we didn’t all make the summit at the same time. The summit photo will follow.


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