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Dan and Claire get in some last minute gift shopping.



Tim walks a mile in a porters shoes!


Wednesday night was our last camping and as Lawrence Lenzi rightly pointed out this morning as we got up, “there’s nothing but bed from here on out.”


If anyone was wondering about the facilities at camp this will give you an idea. As you can see the view is amazing but lets be honest, that’s not normally your number one concern in a toilet.


Such was the change in weather conditions from when we left to when we returned a few people didn’t even recognise our camp, including some of the guides unfortunately!!

Kilimanjaro is a very popular trekking destination and I’m sure some of you reading this have done it before yourself or know someone that has. It has a reputation of being fairly ‘easy’ to climb and in normal conditions that would be so for a novice. As it turns out the weather was not very favourable on our summit night and you can get the picture from watching some of these short clips.


This is the mountain 24 hours later, blue skies and beautiful views. Mountains have and they also create their own weather systems and it seems we just caught a very unlucky day! Still beautiful though.

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